Shenzhen, China.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Shenzhen, China. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Hong Kong police and the city’s Labor Department are investigating the case of a 28-year-old Filipino domestic worker who jumped to her death from a building in Shenzhen on the mainland last month.

The Immigration Department has referred the case to police as a suspected human-trafficking offense.

According to a report in the South China Morning Post, the woman was employed by a Hong Kong couple last October and had been taken to work on the mainland about four times since then.

On July 24, a Hong Kong employment agency told the woman’s family that she had fallen from the seventh floor of a building in Shenzhen that day.

However, the woman’s sister and aunt, who are now in Hong Kong to seek the truth and to pursue compensation, said her death was suspicious.

The maid was afraid to go to the mainland because of the language barrier and inaccessibility of social networks, her 48-year-old aunt told the SCMP. She was once left in Shenzhen with a relative while the employer went on vacation. She also recently had an argument with her boss over rest and holiday arrangements.

The woman’s family said she had not been suffering from depression or personal problems.

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The Hong Kong Immigration Department was notified about the death by the Philippine Consulate in Hong Kong, reported. Immigration has referred the case to police for follow-up.

The police said they had no tolerance for any human-trafficking offense in Hong Kong.

According to the Labor Department, if employers make a false statement to the Immigration Department, they are liable to prosecution and could face a maximum fine of HK$150,000 (US$17,200) and imprisonment for 14 years.

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