Members of a Philippine coast guard anti-terrorism unit ride on a speed boat as they hold a security drill. Photo: AFP/Ted Aljibe

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) has embarked on a joint maritime law enforcement operation with its Chinese counterpart, ordered by President Duterte, reports Philstar Global.

“The [PCG] has received guidance from the President to cooperate and forge an agreement with the Chinese Coast Guard (CCG), so we have clear cut guidelines from the President,” PCG spokesman Commander Armand Balilo said. “Our actions are aligned with the guidance of President Duterte.”

The cooperation comes as the PCG participates in annual Southeast Asia Cooperation and Training (SEACAT) exercise with the US Coast Guard and counterparts in six other countries.

“As far as the PCG is concerned, we would foster one law enforcement interoperability doctrine wherein everyone may participate, including the US and China. We would have one framework because what we are talking about here is drugs and terrorism,” Balilo said.

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