Lou Lim Ieoc Garden, Macau. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Lou Lim Ieoc Garden, Macau. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A 30-year-old Vietnamese maid was arrested in Macau for theft and extortion after she refused to return an envelope containing important documents to its Filipino owner unless she paid her 500 patacas (US$62).

On June 30, the Filipino, also a domestic helper in the city, complained to police that she was a victim of attempted extortion by a Vietnamese woman who had her lost documents in her possession, Macao Daily News reported.

The envelope was said to have contained the Filipino’s passport, a receipt from the Macau Immigration Department, a letter of renewal of employment registration issued by the Labor Affairs Bureau, and 50 patacas in cash.

According to the report, the Filipino received a call from the Vietnamese woman shortly after she lost the envelope in the streets. The woman on the phone said she would return it to her only if she got 100 patacas as a reward.

During their first face-to-face meeting at Tap Seac Square, the Vietnamese maid refused to hand the envelope over to its owner, as she now wanted 500 patacas.

Since the victim was not carrying sufficient cash, she proposed another meeting at Lou Lim Ieoc Garden at 4pm that day, but also took the opportunity to report the case to the police, which led to the arrest of the Vietnamese woman during the second meeting.

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