A barbecue site at Deep Water Bay on Hong Kong Island. Police are hunting for a group of local men after one attacked four Nepalese men with a knife. Photo: Google Maps

Four men of Nepalese origin were injured after a fight with a group of local men at a barbecue site in Deep Water Bay on Hong Kong Island on Saturday.

At 11pm, a group of Nepalese – about  twenty men and women – were having barbecue party in Deep Water Bay, Oriental Daily reported.

Another group of 15 local men were also having barbecue at the same site.

It was believed that the Nepalese group got noisy and the local group were annoyed about this. The two groups became emotional and started to yell and push each other.

A local man suddenly grabbed a knife and a BBQ fork and attacked the Nepalese.

Four men of Nepalese origin, aged 31 and 50, were injured and suffering bleeding from their forehead and face. They were all sent to hospital by ambulance, Sing Tao Daily reported.

The suspects fled when police arrived.

A crime unit from Western District police is following up on the case, which was classed as assault occasioning bodily harm.