Swati Sarkar, 36, allegedly killed her disabled daughter. Photo: Deccan Chronicle

A 36-year-old mother allegedly killed her disabled daughter by twice throwing her from the fourth floor of their home on Sunday afternoon in south Bangalore, according to media reports.

Swati Sarkar’s neighbors said they heard a loud sound and saw the victim, Ashika Sarkar, lying in a pool of blood, but alive. Swati then came down,  they said, picked her daughter up, took her back upstairs and threw her again.

Swati then changed her clothes and tried to flee the scene, but her neighbors stopped her and tied her to a pole until the police arrived.

A police official said, “The child used to cry to get whatever she needed as she was unable to speak. The mother became frustrated over this and killed the girl. Her husband also ignored her, adding to her despair. Swati told us that she wanted to commit suicide and changed her dress to go elsewhere and take the extreme step. She said she did not wish to die where her daughter lay dead and was fleeing when she was caught.”

Swati was reportedly married to a techie but they separated at the beginning of the year.

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