The Immigration Department in Taipa, Macau. Photo: Wikipedia
The Immigration Department in Taipa, Macau. Photo: Wikipedia

A 27-year-old Filipina domestic worker was arrested in Macau on Wednesday and charged with aggravated theft and fraud. She is accused of having stolen her cash and jewelry worth 42,000 Macau patacas (US$5,215) from her employer.

Citing information from the police, the Macau Daily reports that a local woman hired the maid, surnamed Panganiban, in June, but says she became frustrated by her unsatisfactory working attitude and fired her on July 30.

The employer later claimed that cash, including Japanese yen and Chinese yuan, along with jewelry worth a total of 42,000 patacas, had gone missing from her room. On Wednesday, she called the police as she suspected that Panganiban had stolen the valuables.

Police officers arrested Panganiban when she showed up at the Immigration Department to submit paperwork on Wednesday afternoon.

After questioning, the maid told the police that she had discovered the valuables when cleaning up the room and stolen them while her employer was out. Hou Kong Daily reports that she said she had pawned the jewelry for 4,200 patacas and sent the money back to the Philippines.

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