West Kowloon Station in Kowloon. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, ExploringLife, Wikipedia

Officials from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department visited a construction site at West Kowloon Station on Tuesday and prosecuted the operator after a case of dengue infection was linked to the site.

The department found that there were mosquito problems at the construction site, Apple Daily reported.

As of August 4, officials from the department had filed 135 prosecutions against operators of places with “mosquito problems”. Most of them – 127 cases – involved construction sites.

A 45-year-old construction site worker at West Kowloon Station was confirmed as the first local case of dengue fever this year, the Centre for Health Protection said in a press release on Monday.

The worker was sent to Kwong Wah Hospital after developing a high fever, chills, headache and dizziness on July 29.

The worker had a skin rash on his legs while in hospital and his blood sample tested positive for dengue virus in a laboratory test.

He was in stable condition on Monday when discharged from the hospital.

The health center said the worker had no record of traveling during the incubation period but recalled that he had been bitten by mosquitoes at his workplace – the West Kowloon Station construction site, near MTR Austin Station – and his residence on Cedar Street in Prince Edward in Kowloon.

The health department urged anyone who has been to the construction site or Cedar Street and has symptoms of dengue fever to call the health center for a checkup, Oriental Daily reported.

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