Iao Hon district in Macau. Photo: Google Maps
Iao Hon district in Macau. Photo: Google Maps

A 48-year-old Korean man was arrested by Macau police on Sunday and sent to the public prosecution office to be charged with aggravated theft.

On August 1, the owner of an antique shop in San Kio district told police his bag – with HK$95,000 (US$12,146) inside it – was stolen while he was taking a rest in his shop, Oriental Daily reported.

After checking surveillance camera footage, police targeted a suspect and arrested him in a tenement house in Iao Hon district on Sunday.

The suspect, a Korean surnamed Jung, arrived in Macau in September 2015 to gamble. But having lost all his money, he had  overstayed in the city and survived by stealing from shops since about January 2016.

The suspect was allegedly involved in two other thefts in January and June last year which involved HK$5,000. But he told police that all money he had stolen was lost on gambling tables, Hou Kong Daily reported.

Meanwhile, the tenement house in Iao Hon district, where the suspect was arrested, was found to be illegally sub-divided into several units for domestic and migrant workers.

However, the suspect told police he didn’t pay any rent, but just sneaked into the unit and slept randomly in a vacant room.