Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

As India and China prepare for the BRICS summit to held in Shanghai and Xiamen beginning this Thursday, the two countries have finally managed to diffuse a precarious border standoff.

“On the afternoon of August 28, the Indian side has pulled back all the trespassing personnel and equipment to the Indian side of the boundary and the Chinese personnel on the ground has verified this. China will continue to exercise its sovereignty and uphold its territorial integrity in accordance with historical conventions,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said at a press conference on Monday.

India meanwhile announced that both countries agreed to mutually disengage troops from the plateau along the Sino-Bhutan border.

An editorial in the Hindustan Times writes that the two countries will have to rethink their border management framework to avoid a repeat of the standoff:

…there needs to be some thought about the growing regional footprints of both countries and that their spheres of influence will brush against each other in third countries with increasing frequency. India and China should not see Doklam in terms of point-scoring but rather as a warning of the need for extending their border management framework across other borders as well.

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