Typhoon Hato strewed trash in Heng Fa Chuen housing estate on Hong Kong Island. Photo: Facebook, N.K. Stanley Ho

A number of residents of Heng Fa Chuen housing estate in Chai Wan have been cleaning up rubbish from the streets after that part of Hong Kong Island was hit hard by Typhoon Hato.

As the private housing estate was flooded on Wednesday, a large amount of rubbish, mainly Styrofoam and plastic bottles, washed ashore and covered the streets, Headline Daily reported.

A family bearing the surname Tse, who have lived in Heng Fa Chuen for 20 years, started their cleanup at 4pm on Wednesday and spent almost two hours filling five bags of trash.

The amount of garbage in the streets is huge and it would have taken a long time to clear if it were left entirely to cleaning staff, Mr Tse said.

He said people’s yards were also full of rubbish and residents would have to pick it up piece by piece. “We want to use our effort to help this community and hope more people could come and join the cleaning.”

Tse’s appeal received support from other residents. On Thursday morning, more than 20 people gathered in the estate and volunteered to help clean up the streets and other areas.

An eight-year-old boy and his mother spent two hours to collect 15 bags of rubbish, while another family of three collected 10 bags in an hour, Oriental Daily reported.