Himanshu Bansal, 24, died after a crash in New Delhi on Monday night. Photo: Hindustan Times

A 24-year-old motorcyclist died in hospital after losing control and hitting a wall near Mandi House Metro station in Central Delhi, according to media reports.

Footage of the Monday night crash was captured by a helmet camera worn by a friend who was tailing him. The victim, Himanshu Bansal, who was riding a Benelli TNT 600i sports bike, and his friends were reportedly racing at a high speed from Connaught Place

New Delhi DCP BK Singh said, “When the three reached Mandi House Metro station, an elderly person was crossing the road. The speeding bike of Himanshu hit that person and lost control. It [then] hit a wall of Lady Irwin College. Passersby helped the injured and sent him to a hospital. All this was recorded in the camera installed in Lakshay’s helmet.”

A police officer said, “We have taken the footage from the helmet camera as evidence. In the camera recording, the deceased is seen speeding. They had planned a ride on Independence Day when the streets are usually free of traffic.”