Rua da Praia do Manduco, Macau. Photos: Google Maps, Wikimedia Commons

The Macau Health Bureau has confirmed that the fourth case of dengue fever this year was detected in the city on Thursday. The patient is a 27-year-old man who lives at Edificio Wan Seng, 57 Rua da Praia do Manduco, which is the building next to where the first three confirmed cases occurred early this month, Oriental Daily reported.

The patient developed fever, fatigue, and muscle and joint pain on August 6, and went to Kiang Wu Hospital for medical attention. However, he still had a fever on August 8 and 9, and was diagnosed with dengue after testing at the same hospital on Thursday.

His current condition is stable.

The health department classified it as a local case as the patient had not traveled outside Macau before the symptoms developed.

Meanwhile, the Macau Health Bureau received a report from the Department of Health of Guangdong province that a 44-year-old mainland Chinese woman, who works in Macau but lives in Zhuhai, had been confirmed as suffering from dengue fever, Today Macao reported.

The woman works near Orient Arch on Avenida Dr Rodrigo Rodrigues. She developed dengue symptoms on July 30.

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