Dragon's Back in Shek O, Hong Kong Island. Photos: Asia Times, Hong Kong Government

At least four people were airlifted or sent by ambulance to hospital after suffering heatstroke while hiking in hot weather in Hong Kong on Sunday.

At noon, a 35-year-old woman felt dizzy while on a mountain in Tai Tan in Sai Kung, Oriental Daily reported. Her companions called police and she was airlifted to hospital.

An hour later, a 31-year-old man was hiking with two friends when he felt dizziness and muscle cramps while they were heading to Wu Kau Tang in northeastern New Territories from Tai Po. After the man lost consciousness, he was airlifted to hospital because of the remote location.

A 23-year-old woman suffered heatstroke at West Buffalo Hill in Sha Tin, New Territories, at 4pm when the temperature reached 34 degrees Celsius in the area, Apple Daily reported.

Another woman, aged 21, called the police as she experienced dizziness during a hike at the Dragon’s Back in Shek O on Hong Kong Island. She was sent to hospital by ambulance.

A spokesman for the Government Flying Service said it had rescued six hikers on Sunday, some with suspected heatstroke and others suffering injuries.

The Hong Kong Observatory has issued “very hot weather” warnings since Thursday, and the high on Sunday was 35 degrees.

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