Health officials have advised neighbors near Ponte Cais No 16 to take precautions against mosquitoes after the woman was found to have dengue. Photo: Google Maps, Wikipedia, Muhammad Mahdi Karim

A 60-year-old Filipino woman who traveled to Macau from the Philippines is in a critical condition after health authorities confirmed she has dengue fever.

According to a government statement, the Health Bureau of Macau said the woman lives near Ponte Cais No. 16 and family members who live with her had no symptoms.

The woman had a fever on August 5 in the Philippines. When she travelled to Macau two days later, she felt weak, had slurred speech and leg ulcers. That prompted her to go to Hospital Conde S Januário for medical treatment on August 12.

The laboratory results confirmed on Wednesday that she had dengue fever. She is the sixth imported case reported in Macau this year.

The bureau will undertake mosquito prevention measures in the neighborhood where the woman lives.

Given hot and humid weather this year, in which mosquitoes flourish, the health bureau urged residents to take precautionary anti-mosquito measures and clear any stagnant water, Jornal Do Cidadao reported.

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