Pedestrian Narender Kumar was crossing near Kashmere Gate bus terminal when he was hit by an unidentified speeding car around 5pm on August 15. Photo: Hindustan Times

A 35-year-old man who lay injured on road for nearly 12 hours after being hit by a speeding car in north Delhi was robbed by passersby, according to media reports.

Narender Kumar’s phone, a bag of cash and Rs12 that had fallen out of his pocket were taken, the Hindustan Times reported.

Kumar, who is from Uttar Pradesh, was crossing the road near Kashmere Gate on August 15 when he was struck by a hit-and-run driver. 

Kumar told the Hindustan Times, “I had injured my spine after being hit by a speeding car. So, I could not move from my position. But I had not bled and was conscious the entire time. People stopped to look at me. I pleaded with them for help, but they didn’t care. Since I was not bleeding, many thought I must have been drunk.”

The police took Kumar to Safdarjung Hospital after they received a call from a passerby around 5 am on Wednesday, almost 12 hours after the accident.