Photo: Reuters/Aly Song
People walk past a Huawei signboard. Photo: Reuters

Samsung and Apple stayed atop the smartphone market in terms of sales for the second quarter of the year, each seeing year-on-year gains of around 1.5%, even as the global market contracted, reports Caixin, citing data from IDC.

But China’s biggest three phone makers, Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi, which ranked third, fourth and fifth, all saw gains of 20% or more. The trio controls a combined 25.6% of the global market, up from 19.8% a year earlier.

The growth comes as smaller local companies lost out to the top five, and as the Chinese trio taps overseas markets. Markets outside of China now account for 40% of Huawei’s sales, while for Oppo and Xiomi they account for 28% and 33%, respectively.