Treasure trove: Chinese companies are scraping big data on genetics, lifestyle and medical treatment in search of the Next Big Thing. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

There are many assets China has in the global AI arms race, including a vast pool of engineers and more than 750 million internet users. But as Bloomberg reports this week, government support for projects in the form of data is paramount:

China’s command-and-control economy, and its thinner privacy concerns, mean that country can dispense video footage, medical records, banking information and other wells of data almost whenever it pleases. […]

“The Chinese AI market is moving fast because people are willing to take risks and adopt new technology more quickly in a fast-growing economy,” said Chris Nicholson, co-founder of Skymind Inc., one of the companies involved in the event. “AI needs big data, and Chinese regulators are now on the side of making data accessible to accelerate AI.”