Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, center, with Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and others at the new Indira Canteen in Bangalore on Wednesday. Photo: Hindustan Times

In the latest salvo in a war of words, the BJP hit out at Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday, saying his own oratorical incompetence made him unfit to comment on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech.

While inaugurating the Indira Canteen, an initiative to provide low-cost food in Bangalore, Rahul made a short speech in which he called the Indira Canteen the “Amma Canteen,” which soon he corrected. He had said, “Every citizen of Karnataka, under the Siddaramaiah government should feel he won’t go hungry. That is the vision of the Amma… Indira Canteen.”

The BJP’s Jafar Islam said, “A person who doesn’t know the difference between Amma and Indira is not competent enough to speak about the Independence Day speech by the Prime Minister.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Rahul said, “My mother went to Red Fort on August 15. She told me later that PM gave a very short speech. PM Modi is reducing the duration of his speeches as now he has nothing to talk about.”