A Mercedes Benz used as a taxi in Singapore. The firm has sold far more cars in China than in India. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A 41-year-old woman was jailed for five weeks and fined S$500 (US$365) by a Singapore court on Wednesday for attacking a taxi driver with her shoe after shortchanging him last December.

Marie Antonette Buhain Llagas, a Filipino permanent resident of Singapore, was reportedly drunk when she boarded a taxi on Mosque Street to return to her home on Pasir Ris Drive late on December 20, 2016, The Straits Times reported.

The 47-year-old cabbie, Chua Cheng Hwa, handed her a plastic bag in case if she needed to vomit. She did, but unfortunately she accidentally dropped the bag of vomit, which stained the rear passenger seats and the vehicle’s floor mat, the court heard.

Llagas voluntarily promised to pay Chua S$50 as compensation and to do the cleanup, so the driver continued the journey.

Upon arrival, the woman attempted to walk away with her boyfriend without paying the taxi fare of S$24.90, not to mention the compensation or the cleanup she had agreed to.

The driver chased after Llagas, who then agreed to pay the fare and to do the cleanup. Chua agreed to waive the compensation and waited for her in the lobby along with Llagas’ boyfriend while she went up to get  the cleaning tools.

At 12:27am on December 21, Llagas reappeared without any cleaning equipment and dropped two S$10 notes on the floor for Chua to pick up.

Closed-circuit television footage from an elevator camera showed Chua questioning Llagas over the remaining fare of S$4.90, but she refused to pay up.

When Chua tried to take a picture of her with his mobile phone, Llagas swung her hand, causing the phone to fall. She later took off her shoe and hit him with it a few times.

Citing the defendant’s inappropriate behavior, District Judge Eugene Teo rejected the plea for a lighter sentence or to waive the jail time altogether and just issue a fine.

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