An Asian woman is arguing with a taxi driver about toll fee. Photo: Angela Yeung@Facebook

Several car camera videos showing an English-speaking Asian woman arguing with a Hong Kong taxi driver about a tunnel surcharge have gone viral. On Monday evening, the woman took a taxi to the airport from Hong Kong Island.

When she arrived, she accused the driver of overcharging her by HK$10 (US$1.28), according to a video uploaded to Facebook.

The driver said in English that the fare was HK$402 in total with toll charges including HK$30 for the Lantau Link and HK$75 for the Western Harbour Crossing. He said the HK$75 included a HK$15 return toll as required by law.

The woman argued that the toll for the Western Harbour Crossing should be only HK$65. She said she used the tunnel every day.

As the woman continued to refuse to pay and insisted that the driver check the toll charges, he called the police.

Eventually the woman gave the driver a HK$500 note and asked for change. The driver took the note but said he was waiting for the police.

The woman urged the driver to give her the change immediately, as she had to catch a plane. He suggested that she talk to the police first. The videos did not show what happened after that.

Netizens slammed the woman for being rude to the taxi driver, while some noted that it was not wise to risk missing a flight just to argue over HK$10.

The toll charge for taxis using the Western Harbour Crossing, owned by CITIC Pacific Limited, is HK$60 plus a HK$15 return toll, according to the Transport Department’s website. The toll charge for private cars is HK$65.

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