Central on Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps.
Central on Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps.

A 35-year-old local businessman almost lost his valuables after three mainlanders approached him in a suspected attack with sleeping gas to try to drug and rob him in Central on Hong Kong Island on Sunday.

At 6pm, the man surnamed Ngan was heading to a currency exchange store in Central after taking HK$8,000 (US$1,024) from an ATM machine, Sing Tao Daily reported.

When Ngan walked near a bus stop at 144 Des Voeux Road in Central, two women and one man approached him – and he was pushed by one of the women.

The trio walked close to Ngan, surrounded him and the woman who pushed him talked to him in Mandarin but Ngan did not understand. The woman then waved a white scarf in front of Ngan before he smelled a pungent odor.

Ngan kept walking but started feeling unwell on Douglas Street. He felt dizzy and found it hard to breathe after getting his currency changed at World Wide House.

Ngan finally asked for help from some officials with the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and reported his case to the police, suspecting that the trio had used some sleeping gas on him to try to rob him.

Ngan, who lost no valuables, was sent to hospital for a checkup and discharged later, the Oriental Daily reported.

Police searched the area but no suspects were found. They are hunting for the trio, which includes a thin woman aged 25 to 35, about 160cm tall, and with long hair.