Sunset Peak, also known as Tai Tung Shan, on Lantau Island. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

A 43-year-old Hong Kong man and a 25-year-old woman who got trapped at a cliff on Lantau Island while hiking were rescued by firefighters on Wednesday morning after an 11-hour search.

The man surnamed Leung and his girlfriend surnamed Or set off to Sunset Peak, also known as Tai Tung Shan, on Tuesday afternoon from Tung Chung town center via Tung Chung Road, Oriental Daily reported.

The couple left the designated hiking trail and decided to go to Pak Kung Au by trekking through Tsing Lung Stream. However, they got lost and trapped when they came around a cliff between Sunset Peak and Yi Tung Shan.

At 8pm Tuesday Leung called for assistance, Headline Daily reported. The couple were eventually located and rescued by firefighters 11 hours later at 7am on Wednesday.

Fire Services Department personnel said searching at night in an area of such rugged landscape was difficult.

Leung and Or sustained no injuries and refused to go to hospital for any further treatment.

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