The monsoon session of Parliament began on Monday. Photo: NDTV
India's Parliament has set up a joint committee to examine the personal data protection bill Photo: NDTV

As the monsoon session began on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he hoped the “growing stronger together” spirit of the recently introduced GST would inject some enthusiasm into parliamentary proceedings, according to media reports.

Modi was quoted as saying, “Today the monsoon session begins. Like the monsoon brings hope, this session also brings the same spirit of hope. After the summer, the rains fill the soil with a pleasant smell. The same way, due to the good rains of the GST, the whole session will be full of enthusiasm. I believe all political parties, all MPs will take significant decisions in the national interest, will engage with a high standard of debate and will try to provide value addition in all issues, value addition in all system.”

He added, “The GST spirit is about growing stronger together. I hope the same GST spirit prevails in the session.”