A Taiwan Kukri snake (inset) was found in a village house in Tai Po. Photo: Google Maps, Florence Lau@Facebook

A woman spotted a meter-long-snake in her bathroom in a village house in Tai Po, in Hong Kong’s New Territories, after she had finished showering on Wednesday.

At about 9pm, the woman said in a post on Facebook that she had found a one-meter-long snake leaning against the wall in her bathroom when she was about to grab a towel after a shower.

Taiwan Kukri Snake, or Oligodon formosanus Photo: Florence Lau@Facebook

She said she put on her clothes very slowly to avoid provoking the snake and then rushed out the bathroom. She alerted her family about what she had seen in the bathroom.

They called the police, and a snake expert came later to take away the reptile, which was believed to be a Taiwan Kukri Snake, or Oligodon formosanus. No one was injured.

Lau said she had been living in the village house for more than 10 years and had never had such an encounter before.

Lau said she suspected that the animal was washed down from the hill into the drainage system by heavy rains on Wednesday.

Netizens praised Lau for her braveness and calmness during the incident.