Two police officers were trying to subdue the emotional man inside a convenience store in the video. Photo: Facebook/Luk Lik

Two police constables were seen in a video clip that virally circulated on social media subduing a 59-year-old Hong Kong man surnamed Wong, who was later arrested with difficulty inside a convenience store in Aberdeen on Hong Kong Island on Sunday afternoon.

At 3pm, police were notified of a suspected fighting case in a 7-Eleven convenience store in Wah Kwai Estate. Two officers were dispatched to investigate, Apple Daily reported.

The video shows a male police officer using a baton and pushing Wong, ordering him to squat down. However, the man became emotional and refused to follow the officer’s instructions. Wong was seen pushing the officer back and using foul language.

The policeman immediately hit Wong’s legs twice with his baton, but Wong fought back and punched the officer in the face a few times.

The policeman’s female partner then came forward and used pepper spray against Wong, who finally surrendered after the second application of the spray.

Wong was subsequently arrested for allegedly causing criminal damage, assault on police officers and common assault.