M21 residential building on Mandalay Road, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
M21 residential building on Mandalay Road, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

The family of a 22-year-old Myanmar man has blamed his girlfriend for his death, after he fell from a residential building on June 24 during an attempt to climb into one of the units where she was working as a domestic helper.

At 11pm, Arkar Soe, a migrant worker, slipped and fell from the 15th floor of the M21 residential building on Mandalay Road, Singapore, Lianhe Wanbao reported.

The building reportedly had high-level security measures in place. A guard was said to be on duty at all times at the building’s entrance, and an electronic key card is required for residents to enter from the basement floor as well as to use the elevator.

A preliminary police investigation found that it was not the first time the man had tried to enter the maid’s bedroom by this method, but this time her employer was said to have gone to bed later than usual.

It was believed that Arkar Soe managed to arrive at the 15th floor of the building and waited for a text from the maid, who would signal to him the right moment to climb along the exterior wall and enter her room through the window. However, when he failed to show up, the maid did not suspect any abnormalities, as she believed he had become tired of waiting and had left.

She did not learn of his death until police conducted a door-to-door investigation of the incident, and was reportedly devastated. Arkar Soe’s family, however, barred her from the funeral as they held her responsible for his death.

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