Macau. Photos: Baidu Maps, Wikimedia Commons
Macau. Photos: Baidu Maps, Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino domestic worker turned herself in to police after accidentally dropping a bamboo pole that injured a woman in Macau on Monday.

At 9am, the 27-year-old local woman was walking along Istmo de Ferreira do Amaral when she was hit by a 3-meter bamboo pole. The left side of her forehead was bleeding but she was conscious when police and medical personnel arrived.

She was sent to Hospital Conde S Januário for treatment, and police and firemen cordoned off the area for investigation.

A 40-year-old domestic worker from the Philippines turned herself in to the police, telling them that she had accidentally dropped the bamboo pole from an apartment in Fong Nam Building, Macao Daily News reported.

The victim was pursuing the matter, and the maid was being investigated for negligence causing injury.