A New Delhi doctor was kidnapped while traveling home in an Ola cab on July 6. Photo: Reuters

A New Delhi doctor who was allegedly kidnapped by an Ola cab driver and his gang was rescued in a dramatic shootout on Wednesday night in Meerut after being held for two weeks, according to media reports.

On July 6, Dr Srikanth Goud was reportedly kidnapped by a gang while he was returning to his home in South Delhi from the private hospital where he works. His captors, who demanded a Rs5 crore (US$7,500) ransom for his release, sent his family a video in which he was chained to a chair and begging for water.

Goud, who is originally from Telangana, booked an Ola cab from his workplace, NDTV reported. The driver took him to Dadri, near Noida, where his gang joined him.

The police on Wednesday arrested four suspects, but four others managed to escape after trading fire with officers at a village in Meerut.