Waldorf Garden in Tuen Mun. Photo: Google Maps
Waldorf Garden in Tuen Mun. Photo: Google Maps

A 44-year-old Indonesian domestic worker was arrested by police for allegedly ill-treating her employer’s two-month-old boy in a residential apartment in Tuen Mun in New Territories West last week.

On the afternoon of July 2, a woman surnamed Cheung, 31, sent her baby boy to Tuen Mun Hospital, Sing Pao reported. Doctors found bleeding on the baby’s brain and suspected that he had been shaken by someone. 

Cheung called the police on July 7.

After an initial investigation, police arrested a domestic helper and suspected that she had attacked the baby boy in an apartment at Waldorf Garden in Tuen Lee Street, Tuen Mun, on the afternoon on July 2.

The maid, who remains in custody, may face a charge of ill-treatment or neglect by those in charge of a child or young person, the Oriental Daily reported.

Police are still investigating the case. In Hong Kong, a person convicted of ill-treating or neglecting a child or young person can face up to 10 years in jail.

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