US President Donald Trump speaking next to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Photo: Reuters/Joshua Roberts

As Republican lawmakers urge a pivot from the battle to repeal Obamacare to tackle tax reform, conservative patrons the Koch brothers, once at odds with the president’s tax cut proposal, are stepping up to put their money behind the plans.

“It is more important for us than anything that we get tax reform done because we think it’s absolutely critical for strong economic growth,” House speaker Paul Ryan told Fox News. “I don’t think we can get to 3% growth without tax reform.”

Not so fast, says Trump, who issued a call via Twitter to continue working on healthcare: “Don’t give up Republican Senators, the World is watching: Repeal & Replace…”

GOP members of Congress and likeminded figures in the White House, such as Steven Mnuchin, have a new ally in the fight to move on the tax reform. Big Republican donors the Koch brothers are stepping up to provide support for the White House tax cuts and are gearing up for big promotional efforts in August during the Congressional recess. Bloomberg reports that two events in Washington this week will kick off the push, and a network of conservative advocacy groups controlled by the Kochs already has 36 events planned across the country.

President of Americans for Prosperity Tim Phillips expressed hope that it would still be possible to pass tax legislation before the year’s end:

“We understand that by conventional standards, it’s a herculean lift,” he said. “But we do think it’s possible to get this done and get it done this year.”