Firefighters were deployed to remove a hanging piece of bamboo and were praised for their efficiency. Photo: Asia Times

Firefighters and police officers were deployed to remove a piece of bamboo that was hanging outside a residential building in Kwun Tong, Kowloon, on Thursday morning, posing a danger for passing pedestrians.

At around 10:30am, officers closed off part of the road in front of On Ning Building on Mut Wah Street after residents called the police to report the hanging bamboo piece, a common tool for hanging and drying clothes outside high-rise residential buildings in Hong Kong.

After half an hour at the scene, two firefighters successfully used a ladder to remove the bamboo. Residents praised them for their efficiency.

According to a survey compiled by the University of Hong Kong’s Public Opinion Program, Hong Kong Fire Services Department got a satisfaction rating of 84.2 out of 100, the highest among the nine disciplinary forces in the city.

Government Flying Service (79.5) ranked second, while the Auxiliary Medical Service (78.9) was third. The Hong Kong Police Force (64.1) ranked last.