North Point on Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps.
North Point on Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps.

A Filipino woman was sent to hospital after being struck on the head by a piece of falling concrete at North Point in Hong Kong Island on Wednesday morning.

At 7:23am, the Filipina, who was queuing up in front of a bakery shop at Yen Po Court at 74-82 Wharf Road in North Point, was hit by a piece of concrete measuring about 30cm x 30cm on her head and shoulder, Apple Daily reported.

Falling from the first floor, the cement was believed to be part of Yen Po Court, which is an 34-year-old building. An employee of the bakery shop called the police.

The woman was bleeding but remained conscious after the drama. Paramedics arrived and gave her treatment before sending her to hospital, according to the Oriental Daily.

Police cordoned off the area for further investigation.

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