Eastern Magistrates' Courts in Hong Kong. Photo: Google Maps
The Eastern Magistrates' Courts in Hong Kong. Photo: Google Maps

A 32-year-old Filipino domestic helper pleaded guilty on Friday to five counts of common assault last year on the  four-year-old son of Carson Yeung, former Birmingham City Football Club chairman. 

Rochelle Lintag Dreck, who began working in 2010 with Yeung as her third employer, was accused of assaulting the boy in the kitchen of Yeung’s house on Baker Road at the Mid-Levels, at the Convention Plaza Apartments on Harbour Road in Wan Chai, and at Canossa Hospital on Old Peak Road in 2016, Sing Pao reported.

The boy’s mother, who was doing business in Shenzhen, returned to Hong Kong every weekend. In early 2016, she noticed wounds on the boy but did not know what caused them. In May last year, she saw injuries in her son’s ears and asked her domestic workers about them. A domestic helper showed her some videos she had taken of Dreck’s attacks on the boy. The mother called the police.

Dreck was accused of slapping the boy on his face, hitting his hands with a comb, and poking his lip and nose, which caused nosebleeds, as shown by the videos.  

Dreck asked a judge in the Eastern Magistrates’ Courts for leniency, blaming the boy for being very naughty, Apple Daily reported. She also said she had lost her job after she was arrested and could not send money to support her own three children in the Philippines.

The judge said Dreck was defending herself with excuses.

Remaining in custody, Dreck will be sentenced on July 21, pending her and the boy’s psychological reports.

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