Rua de S. Lourenço, Macau. Photo: Google Maps
Rua de S. Lourenço, Macau. Photo: Google Maps

A 20-year-old Filipino was arrested by Macau police on Wednesday after he allegedly stole 22,000 patacas (US$2,735) worth cash and valuables from a drunk man in late June.

The defendant, whose name was not revealed, is a migrant worker in Macau. He was arrested by a plainclothes police officer, charged with  one count of theft and sent to the Public Prosecutions Office, Macao Daily News reported.

On June 24, a citizen complained to the police after observing that a briefcase had disappeared that belonged to a drunk man who was lying on a bench on Rua de S. Lourenço or Fong Son Tong Street. The citizen noticed the briefcase had vanished as he walked past the scene for a second time.

The drunk man told the police that his briefcase contained cash and valuables worth a total of 22,000 patacas.

After investigation, police arrested the Filipino and recovered from his home the outfits he wore while committing the crime.

Evidence suggested that he was also connected to some other thefts in the neighborhood. 

Update: ‘Informant’ arrested for being first to attempt theft

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