Olive Residency on Annipura Main Road in Bangalore. Photo: hoteldekho.com

A Hindu-Muslim married couple said a Bangalore hotel discriminated against them by refusing to give them a room on Tuesday, according to media reports

When they arrived in the city from Kerala, Shafeeq Subaida Hakkim, who is a Muslim, and his wife Divya DV, a Hindu,  tried to secure accommodation at the Olive Residency on Annipura Main Road in Sudhama Nagar. But the receptionist denied them a room after checking their ID cards.

India Today reported that the receptionist said he was instructed to not give rooms to Hindu-Muslim couples because “problems” could arise.

Shafeeq was quoted as saying,”I wanted the room for just two hours since my wife had come here for an interview with a prestigious law college. Divya is an LLM graduate and was looking to do her PhD here.”

Shafeeq said he intended to file a complaint with the Kerala Human Rights Commission.