Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps.
Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps.

A 69-year-old man, who migrated from Guangzhou to Hong Kong last September to take care of his grandson, pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent assault in the District Court on Tuesday.

On September 27, 2016, Ou Chengzhu, who had obtained a Hong Kong Identity Card in April last year, indecently assaulted his daughter’s 24-year-old Indonesian maid in an apartment in Ap Lei Chau on Hong Kong Island after arriving in the city a few days earlier, the Oriental Daily reported.

Ou touched the maid’s private part twice while she was washing dishes in the kitchen. The domestic worker, who arrived in Hong Kong in late July last year, was too afraid to tell her employer.

The next day, Ou hugged her in the kitchen, grabbed her breast and kissed her private part before exposing his genitals to her and asking her to masturbate for him. The maid was again too scared to cry for help. 

On the same day, she reported the incident to the employment agency, which led police to arrest Ou in the evening, Sing Pao Daily reported. The maid left Hong Kong after the incident.

Deputy district judge Ada Yim said the nature of the case was serious as the assault was premeditated. The judge criticized Ou for not respecting women.

The man will remain in custody until he is sentenced on August 3.

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