An Aadhaar government identification card. Photo: iStock
An Aadhaar government identification card. Photo: iStock

Thanks to the government’s nationwide campaign to persuade all citizens to apply for a 12-digit personal Aadhaar number and ID card, three “orphans” will soon be reunited with their parents.

The children, who were living in the state-run childcare center in Bangalore, will be reunited with their families on Tuesday, according to media reports.

Monu, Omprakash and Neelakanta, who have intellectual and developmental disabilities, were separated from their parents years ago for reasons that are unknown.

As part of its Aadhaar enrollment drive, the Unique Identification Authority of India regional office in Bangalore targeted orphanages, reported the Times of India.

While processing their enrolment, it was found that the three already had Aadhaar numbers, and the information was then used to locate their families.

An official was quoted as saying, “During a background check of these enrolments, it was found that three children of the orphanage at Hosur Road Bengaluru had already enrolled for Aadhaar, and bore their previous addresses. Their parents have been traced and the reunion will be held on Tuesday.”