Wild boars appear on Shum Wan Road in Aberdeen, Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps, Wikimedia Commons

Five wild boars were captured in urban areas by officers from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) in two separate incidents over the weekend.

At 7am on Saturday, a 60kg female wild boar appeared on a cycling path along the Tseung Kwan O South Waterfront Promenade in the New Territories. It charged two men, aged 73 and 34, inflicting minor injuries to their arms and legs. The men called the police and were sent to hospital.

At 10am, AFCD staff and about 15 police officers with shields surrounded the animal. It managed to evade capture for three hours, knocking down a policeman at one point when a veterinarian tried to approach.

Separately, at about 6am on Sunday, four wild boars were spotted foraging in bushes at 8 Shum Wan Road in Aberdeen, Hong Kong Island, RTHK reported. They included a 60kg male boar and three 30-40kg female boars.

AFCD staff arrived at 11am and used sweet potatoes and bread to lure the animals to the Shum Wan Road Sitting-Out Area, Apple Daily reported. Within two hours, they had caught a young one with a net and a veterinarian shot the remaining three with an anesthetic rifle.

The AFCD said all five animals will be released inside country parks after medical checks.