A WhatsApp conversation triggered a violent domestic row. Photo: iStock

A 19-year-old woman allegedly attacked her jealous husband with a sickle when he tried to check her phone activity to confirm his suspicion that she was having an extramarital affair.

Netrapal Singh, 21, was taken to SN Hospital, where he was given multiple stitches on his head after the alleged attack, which Nitu, his wife, vehemently denies committing, claiming he did it to himself to “teach her a lesson.”

Married in 2014, the couple lived separately until last month. Netrapal was quoted as saying, “On Saturday, I saw my wife chatting with another man on WhatsApp. When I asked her to give me the phone, she refused and told me to stay away. Later, when I forcefully took her phone to see the chat details, she attacked me with a sickle from behind and I fainted.”

According to reports, his relatives claimed they heard the couple loudly arguing, and rushed into the house in Bhilawali village in Kheragarh to find Netrapal lying in a pool of blood and his wife sitting beside him.

It was reported that when she tried to flee with her alleged boyfriend, they were surrounded by Netrapal’s relatives, who beat them up and took them  to the local police station.

Police officer Ajay Singh, said, “We have detained the woman and are waiting for a written complaint from victim’s family.”