Representational image. Photo: The Indian Express

The girls’ hostel at the Bombay Veterinary College had an unexpected visitor last Friday morning – a wild leopard. CCTV footage showing it attacking a campus dog has gone viral.

The footage of the attack, which was tweeted by the ANI news agency, shows it pouncing on a dog on the steps of the hostel. The leopard pins the dog down but it soon runs off, leaving the pet unharmed. The hostel is near Sanjay Gandhi National Park and wild animals are regularly seen prowling about the campus.

In May, a woman saved her three-year-old child from a leopard that entered the campus.

A survey found 35 free-roaming leopards in and around the national park. To ensure the safety of those residing in nearby areas, a campaign to raise awareness of wild animals was launched by the forest department.