Rain is expected to bring some relief for New Delhi residents. Photo: iStock

Delhi can expect a welcome respite from the scorching heat as thundershowers bring the mercury down to a more comfortable 33 degrees Celsius by the middle of next week, according to meteorologists.

Delhi had 18mm of rain on Friday and the nighttime temperature dropped to 21.8 degrees Celsius from 28.6 degrees. The country has seen temperatures rising above 40 degrees Celsius recently.

The Hindustan Times quoted a senior official at the regional weather forecasting department in New Delhi as saying: “The conditions are favourable and we are expecting some rainy days ahead. There will be rains almost every day next week starting from Monday. This would help to bring down the mercury, too.”

The official added: “Over the next three to four days, the monsoon is expected to cover some more areas of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Chattisgarh.”