Fourteen-year-old was allegedly subjected to a virginity test involving nails. Photo: iStock

Bangalore police arrested a 44-year-old man they claim sexually assaulted his 14-year-old daughter for over a year and subjected her to an excruciatingly painful  “virginity test.”

The accused has been identified as Ramesh, a factory worker who lives in Rajagopalnagar, Bangalore. While his wife was away for work, he allegedly raped his daughter while intoxicated and threatened to kill her mother if she told anyone about it.

However, she eventually told her mother, who confronted him about it. In an effort to prove his innocence, police say he arranged for a “virginity test,” the Bangalore Mirror reported. Mallesh, an astrologer who came to their home to conduct the bizarre test, claimed she was lying.

A police officer was quoted as saying, “Mallesh made the victim place her hand on a board of iron nails. After he stamped her, the victim started screaming in pain. When the neighbors heard her cry, they rushed to her rescue and caught hold of Mallesh [and] Ramesh and called the police.”

A case has been filed under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.