San Uk Ka Tsuen, New Territories, Hong Kong Photo: Google Map

Netizens praised a cabbie and his passenger for patiently waiting till an 8 foot python crossed the road in Tai Po district in the northern New Territories of Hong Kong.

Fred Cheung spotted the python when he was in a taxi on his way home to San Uk Ka Tsuen on Tuesday evening and he took a smartphone video while they waited until it crossed the road.

The video, which he posted on Facebook, showed the python had a swollen stomach, which meant he had just had a meal.

Netizens praised both Cheung and the cabbie for being patient and respecting life, instead of running over the reptile.       

Cheung said he had never seen such a big python and he did not mind paying extra on his taxi fare during the two minutes it took for the python to cross the road.

Some netizens, who was used to live in the area, said it was usual to see snakes such as banded kraits in the area, but it was rare to see an eight-foot python. 

An eight-foot-long python crosses a road in Tai Po. Photo: Fred Cheung@Facebook

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