Representational image. Photo: iStock
Representational image. Photo: iStock

A cross-dressing burglary suspect has struck a blow for gender equality.

When police arrested three suspects on Thursday after they allegedly attempted to loot a home in Kondithope, Chennai, they thought all three were male, according to media reports.

But when officers ordered the suspects to strip so they could check them for weapons and distinguishing marks on their bodies, it became plainly obvious that one of them was female.

The short-haired woman, Karthika, who goes by “Dayalan” when she is impersonating a male, and the two other suspects allegedly barged into a house owned by Manivannan, a 60-year-old businessman, on Bethanayakan Street in Kondithope. Manivannan, who was on the second floor, heard them and saw one of them running out with a bag, according to the Times of India. They were arrested shortly after.

Karthika was quoted as saying, “I don’t want to be judged as a woman and inferior to man. I have proved myself as a ‘brave’ burglar.”

About 10 stolen iPhones and two laptops were taken from the suspects.