Lake View Mansion, Macau. Photo: Google Maps
Lake View Mansion, Macau. Photo: Google Maps

Police in Macau are searching for a Filipino domestic helper as a person of interest in a theft case. After the woman did not report for work on Monday, her employer discovered the theft of jewelry worth HK$530,000 (US$67,935) from her apartment and reported it to the police.

The employer and owner of the apartment, a 65-year-old woman surnamed Wong, was in Canada at the time of the burglary but had appointed someone to mind her property while she was abroad. The husband of her representative also resided at the apartment at Lake View Mansion when the maid was on duty, Exmoo News reported.

When the maid did not show up for work after a four-day holiday, the representative’s husband called Wong, who asked him to check for any signs of a burglary. He found a drawer that appeared to have been broken although it remained closed.

Wong called a close female friend to record the opening of the drawer for her on a mobile phone while she watched. Wong determined that a diamond watch, a diamond ring, a pendant and a pair of ruby earrings were missing from the drawer and asked her friend to call the police. The case has been categorized as a theft.

It remains unclear whether the maid is involved in the case, Journal Va Kio reported.

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