Officials in Chennai raided an illegal slaughterhouse on Sunday. Photo: iStock

Food safety officials raided an illegal slaughterhouse in Chennai’s Triplicane area early Sunday and seized over 400kg of meat.

“They slaughtered the animals in unhygienic conditions,” said R Kathiravan of Chennai’s Food Safety Department. “We seized the contaminated meat and disposed of it in the Kodungaiyur dumpyard. We will continue raids in other areas.”

Another official said: “We received complaints from residents that hundreds of animals were being illegally slaughtered in a house in a residential area. When we checked the area at night, all the houses were closed. We were able to identify the house with the support of police. The raids were conducted from 2 am to 6 am.” 

According to officials, the illegal slaughtering of animals began at
12.30 am and retailers took the meat at 4 am.