Students who built the world’s smallest satellite celebrate after its launch. Photo: ANI

A group of pioneering Tamil Nadu students are celebrating the launch of a record-breaking satellite they designed.

Rifath Sharook, 18, developed the 64-gram satellite, called KalamSat, with his fellow space enthusiasts in Pallapatti in Karur, Tamil Nadu. They 3-D printed satellite, the smallest ever made, using reinforced carbon fiber polymer.

The team rejoiced in Chennai after it was launched from the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Wallops Island facility in the US state of Virginia at 3pm on Thursday.  

“It is for the first time that 3-D printing technology is being used in space. We have made history. The world’s smallest satellite has been launched in space. It was not possible without my team,” Sharook told ANI.

According to reports, Sharook’s team entered a competition organized by Nasa and an organization called I Doodle Learning, Cubes in Space and was selected. 

Named in honor of the former President of India and renowned scientist Dr Abdul Kalam, KalamSat is equipped with a nano Geiger–Müller counter that will measure radiation in space, the Times of India reported.