Rajasthan officials aim to reduce the state's infant mortality rate by improving access to mother's milk. Photo: iStock

A new mother’s milk center has been established in Rajasthan with the aim of increasing the state’s infant survival rate.

Ajmer has a high infant mortality rate of 16%,  according to reports, and it is hoped that the new storage and distribution centre at the Janana Government Hospital in Ajmer will help more newborns to survive by giving them the sustenance they need. 

Ajmer Development Authority chairman Shiv Shanker Heda, who inaugurated the centre, said the service will help to ensure that no child dies due to a lack of milk.

According to the Times of India, once the center is running smoothly, the government intends to expand the service to include Pali, Jodhpur and a few other districts.

About 600 units of human milk, stored at -20 degrees Celsius, were brought from Bhilwara to Ajmer in special vehicles escorted by the police, who created a “green corridor” to ensure a smooth delivery.