Gita Gopi's daughter's wedding at Sree Krishna temple in Guruvayoor on Sunday. Photo: Hindustan Times

A Communist Party of India legislator is under fire after photos of her daughter’s wedding showing the bride covered in gold jewelry went viral.

In the photos, Gita Gopi’s daughter can be seen wearing gold bangles and several gold necklaces. The extravagant show of affluence sparked accusations of hypocrisy.

Her critics pointed to the last Assembly session when CPI leader Mullakara Ratnakaran urged the chief minister to find a way to discourage people from having extravagant weddings.

Gopi, however, was unfazed by the criticism, saying:  “Which mother wouldn’t do this for her daughter? I did only my duty as the mother.”

Gopi said she had purchased 50 sovereigns and the rest were gifted by relatives and friends.

“There are certain norms for party workers and leaders on such occasions, and the MLA should have been cautious. We have asked the party’s Thirssur district committee to conduct an inquiry,” a senior party leader was quoted as saying, admitting that the wedding was a source of embarrassment for the party.