ESCAPE | Hong Kong Timelapse & Hyperlapse. Photo: Francis So
ESCAPE | Hong Kong Timelapse & Hyperlapse. Photo: Francis So

Francis So Ka-chun, a Hong Kong photographer, has taken a runner-up award in the Music Video category of the 6th Finisterra Arrbida Film Art Tourism Festival in Portugal.

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The film, a four-minute experimental movie about a Hong Kong woman escaping from the drudgery of her office to explore Hong Kong’s natural beauty, is called ESCAPE | Hong Kong Timelapse & Hyperlapse.

The movie had already won the Jury Award at the ARFF Amsterdam // Around International Film Festival 2017, the award for Best Experimental Short at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival 2017, and the prize for Best Experimental Film at the European Cinematography AWARDS (ECA) 2017.  

So posted the video on Facebook and Youtube and received much praise from netizens.

“Hong Kong is notorious for its long working hours among other countries and cities in the world,” he said. “No matter how fast and efficient you are in a company, you can seldom leave the office before sunset.”